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A glimpse into the fashion show, music, gastronomy and surprises in store at Lanzarote’s event of the year.

A glimpse into the fashion show, music, gastronomy and surprises in store at Lanzarote’s event of the year.

The Lanzarote Fashion Weekend promises to be the event of the year, not only from a design and fashion perspective, which will undoubtedly put Lanzarote into the fashion spotlight on 12 May, but also in terms of innovation.

The aim of the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend is to go far beyond a traditional event, and aims to do so by breaking new ground. Internet streaming of the entire event will allow you to get a close-up of what participants are experiencing; engagement with robots and even intelligent lighting make the difference in this initiative, which focuses on innovation.

Artificial intelligence at users’ fingertips

Lanzarote Fashion Weekend goes way beyond fashion itself: it will provide the cognitive backdrop where personalisation is achieved through artificial intelligence. This technology will be used to customise the event through lighting, with colours adapting to the sentiments tracked.

The basic requirement is to have a Twitter account, but if you don’t have one, it’s worth creating one just to be able to take part. Those attending the event can write whatever they want by using the #lztfw2018 hashtag: whether they’re having a good time, if they like the food, the clothes, the music… All of this information will be analysed and, based on the predominant feelings identified by artificial intelligence, the lighting in Jameos del Agua, the pool area and disco, will all change colour. Event organisers can then gauge the crowd’s enjoyment.

The event includes a fashion show, a cognitive dinner and a DJ party inside Jameos del Agua’s volcanic tunnel.

What’s in store at night

Lanzarote Fashion Weekend at Jameos del Agua

A surprise is in store as soon as participants arrive at Jameos del Agua: the welcome team will take their photo, tweet it and send it to them by email.

The night gets underway with a fashion show in the Jameos del Agua Auditorium, with the latest collection by Custo Barcelona, including some Lanzarote-inspired designs. Users can give feedback about the designs and ideas on show, whether they’re at the event, or whether they are following it via streaming.

Gastronomical innovation, a menu for all tastes

The event continues around the swimming pool designed by César Manrique, where attendees will savour a menu based on their own culinary tastes. Our aim is to adapt to our clients’ preferences as much as possible, by offering an innovative cocktail prepared with local products,” Chef Alberto Nieto points out. “We blend innovative technology with gastronomy in order to do this. Getting to know diners in advance gives us the chance to adapt the menu to their tastes. This is what we hope to achieve with this cocktail and, thanks to the technology, we’ve compiled a large sample of products and ingredients that our diners want. Based on these preferences, we’ve used the technology to help us create a menu, which has inspired us to create three out of the seven recipes for the dishes in our cocktail.”

Nieto explains that, to do so: “event participants have chatted with Taro, Lanzarote Fashion Weekend’s virtual assistant, who asked them about the kinds of food they would like to taste during the event. National and international options were offered, as well as local dishes,” he explains. “We later analysed the data and drew our conclusions. Then, with the help of technology, we prepared the cocktail using local products to create three recipes. One of these was put to the test in our Father’s Day menu at Monumento al Campesino, and was well received by the clients.”

Diners again have the chance to tweet about whether they enjoyed the food, and the lighting will give a clear indication whether it’s been good, or not.

The best DJs around

Lanzarote Fashion Weekend

The event will draw to a close with a DJ Session inside the volcanic tunnel, with famous DJs and a well-thought-out musical repertoire: Nacho Larache, Pascal Moscheni y Javier San Juan, Aka Mr. Paradise. 

This intensive night at the deck starts with Nacho Larache, the veteran of our trio, DJ Culto, who headed some of Madrid’s most interesting projects such as the elusive Chango or his Blue Light in the Basement parties at Cafe Berlin. A tireless defender of good music, he has zealously championed it on radio, compilations, clubs, festivals and a great many exclusive events, working in fashion with designer Miguel Palacio, and choosing the music for his shows at Madrid Fashion Week. His music has also featured at private events organised by celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Carolina Herrera and many other brands throughout his career such as Hugo Boss, BMW, Sotheby’s, Carhartt, Diesel, Jaguar, Canal Plus, Grupo Prisa, Expedia, etc. He is currently resident at the famous El Amante club in Madrid, as well as director of the Jameos Music Festival.

Pascal Moscheni, New Zealand-born DJ and musical producer, currently living in Madrid. Son of an Argentine father and French mother, he has spent much of his life hopping between Europe and America. He studied fashion design and worked in Milan with Neil Barrett for several seasons, but music has always been his true passion. He promotes a range of projects through his production company, to which he adds creativity and his multicultural background. Like Pascal Moscheni, he regularly DJs at some of the fashion world’s coolest events. Pascal also creates his owns music for fashion shows, campaigns, videos and stores, each season working with prestigious brands like Acne, Zegna, Dior, Cartier, Marc Jacobs, W Magazine, Vivetta, Kartell, Mango,, among others. His personal relationship with fashion and other creative spheres has positioned him as a reference in the sector.

Mr. Paradise is one of a kind, he sees himself more as a music selector or sound ambience creator than purely a DJ. Over more than 20 years playing music at events, venues, festivals and band aftershows, together with an incessant musical eclecticism, has taken him to cities such as Jerusalem, Berlin, London, Madeira, Lisbon, Tel Aviv and London.

A Lanzarote lover and a resident of over two decades, he has been partly responsible for some of the island’s fascinating projects such as the Costa de Músicas Festival , Rumm discotheque, the short-lived though legendary Paraiso76, Café del Mar Lanzarote, and the currently ongoing Jameos Music Festival, His relentless passion for music has led him to share both the stage and experiences with artists such as Raimundo Amador, Zenet, Sara Pi, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, De La Fe y Las Flores Azules ,Omar Souleyman, Pinkertones, Bomba Estereo, Nickodemus, Sargento García, John Morales, Cycle, General Levy, Calle 13, La Yegros, Molotov, Kevin Yost, John Morales, Morodo, etc… His sets are characterised by open music in empathy with the audience, whether in clubs, festivals and events (for famous brands such as Hugo Boss, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Cervezas Alhmabra or Mahou beer companies. He is currently resident DJ in Nubel, at the Reina Sofia Museum and performs in leading venues like Me Madrid or Sala Siroco.

Music, elegance and classicism

Javier San Juan himself talks of the music they have planned for the event. “We have planned the music with the respect the venue deserves. Last year I had the amazing opportunity to be alone with the entire vinyl collection of Jameos (legend has it that some were bought by Manrique himself) and I found what I think will be the live motive for the session,” the DJ explains. “That way we’ll vibrate on the wavelength of the setting, the dancefloor of yesteryear with orchestral classics like Glenn Miller, New Age, symphonic rock and lots of soul and disco. Music that is open and classy for an international event, with its fair share of hits but without being tacky.”

We start with a cocktail party around the pool where we will create medium tempo background music, that I hope everyone enjoys. What we don’t want it to be is the typical repetitive chill out style, we want to achieve a session with identity, switching from old classics and new, cutting-edge sounds. Rare groove, disco, soul, bossa nova and reworks of well-known themes as a storyline. I would like to emphasise that, most of the music we’ll play belongs to the centre itself.


Then we move into the cave, where we´ll take an open approach, but always with a dance floor edge: music for all tastes but without being over-commercial, and up to the standard this venue deserves,” he goes on to explain. “This session will be headed by New Zealander Pascal Moscheni, who is highly experienced in events like this in the world’s principal main fashion capitals.”

We have the ingredients for success. “Uniting one of the fashion greats like Custo, a brand of international importance, and technology with Lanzarote’s extraordinary beauty is already an event in itself.” he affirms. Our goal is that the music rises to the occasion, both at the cocktail and on the dance floor. We want people to have a good time, but also that it all has a meaning: that the music stirs emotions, is classy and tasteful, but with this nonconformist and universal spirit that flows through the works of the brilliant Manrique.

In fact, technology will also play its part on the dance floor, as the floor will change colour depending on people’s emotions. “and if you’re not enjoying it, who knows, we might even change the DJ straight away. Have you ever been to a great party and the DJ suddenly spoils it? Well now you have the chance to say so, by tweeting the hashtag #lztfw2018 and find out if everyone else feels the same way,” the organisers point out.

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