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Canary Islands, Spain.

Ángel Cabrera

My name is Ángel Cabrera, I was born and grew up on this amazing island. I have been influenced by Lanzarote colors and architecture.

Playtime games through the streets of Teguise, or the sounds of the diabletes bells are some of the first memories that come to my mind, sounds and feelings that I still perceive from my Gallery in the center of Teguise.

My first contact with art came late, and in a non-academic way, hand in hand with experimentation and sharing ways of doing things with other artists. Over time this knowledge has become part of my artistic baggage, reflected both in watercolor, ceramics, and in the decoration of fabrics.

In the fashion field, I paint a variety of fabrics: silk, wool and velvets. I use specific dyes for each cloth, as well as the Lanzarote cochineal, to capture the colors of this island and to show my personal universe.