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Last May, the Cruise 2019 Collection event was held in Lanzarote. Designer, Custo Barcelona, chose this immeasurable island as stage for his haute couture fashion event.

Media from all over the world broadcast the story, undeniably turning the island of Lanzarote into the centre of attention. Magazines such as VOGUE, ELLE, IoDonna, and newspapers like il Giornale, ill messagero and il mattino, among others, were some of the media telling the story.

However, the event wouldn’t have been possible without IBM’s R + D labs, since they provided an artificial intelligence programme able to compare thousands of pictures and find similarities between them. And why was this necessary? That’s easy to answer.

ibm lanzarote fashion weekend

Once Custo Barcelona’s files were examined, as well as photographs of the most significant landscapes in Lanzarote, the programme was the key to create the designs. A differentiating factor which made the show stand out, going for a different, transgressor and personalised kind of event.

Some models and designs were exclusively shown, giving the autumn-winter and spring-summer collections a fresh touch. Inevitably, the media was drawn to this new collection and to such emblematic venue, surrounded by art and nature.

fashion show ibm


Lanzarote, named after seaman from Genoa Lanceloto Malocello, who visited the island in the 14th Century, has always had its own personality and an essence that is impossible to mimic. Drawing attention to this Canarian island, suitable for internationally recognised events, along with its stunning landscapes, friendly people and unique food, has meant a turning point for the island.


Thanks to this fashion event, with a catwalk brimming with eccentricity and life, bright and colourful designs created by Custo Barcelona, Lanzarote might well become an alternative to other international catwalks. An island that puts together exclusive events adding worth to Lanzarote, its nature, lunar landscapes, places to relax, find peace and quiet, and art, plenty of art.


experience lanzarote fashion weekend

The Cruise 2019 Collection event had an impact on everyone. An exclusive event with models walking on lava inside a volcanic tunnel definitely worth seeing. Custo Barcelona, as always, with ground-breaking ideas. And this time he did it on this charismatic island, in Lanzarote.

Thanks to Custo Barcelona’s excellent initiative, the first edition of the Lanzarote Fashion Week was born. A new event that reminds us of the fact that fashion shows don’t necessarily have to be held exclusively in the four main fashion hubs in the world: New York, London, Milan and Paris. To the contrary, fashion is followed and cared for all over the world, since it’s a tool used to break social and cultural boundaries.

dj session lanzarote fashion weekend

At the end of the day, fashion goes hand in hand with creativity, industry and economy, something that Lanzarote will witness for itself from now on.

A door open to experiences for everyone who wishes to discover our island. And as far as the Art, Culture and Tourism Centres of Lanzarote are concerned, incredible excitement thinking about being part of a project with the potential to be, and that will most likely be, beneficial for all sectors on the island.

experience lanzarote fashion weekend

Art and culture are treasures to cherish. Very few things last as long and help us as much to be who we are today.



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