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Canary Islands, Spain.

Lanzarote Fashion Weekend: una oportunidad para conocer un lugar único

Lanzarote Fashion Weekend: una oportunidad para conocer un lugar único

According to the Catalan designer, Jameos del Agua is the best possible stage to present his new fashion collection.

If there’s one thing that defines Custo Dalmau, it’s the sparkle in his eye. Smiling, and with an air of someone who’s dreaming up a new idea while he speaks, he is a simple and approachable man. A self-confessed lover of Lanzarote, its light, its tourist centres, its landscape and its people, Dalmau affirms that when he’s here, he feels as though he’s in paradise. “People sometimes ask me what I do when I spend the summer here, but in fact I do nothing in particular. Go out, go for a walk, enjoy the moment… I love the island,” he explains.

This passion for Lanzarote is the driving force behind his most recent endeavour, the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend, an important event that will attract journalists and influencers from all over the world to the island, converting Lanzarote into an international fashion hub on 12 May. 

Custo admits that he couldn’t say when he decided to dedicate his life to fashion. “It all started back in 1981 as a graphic design project, with the difference that the backdrop for the design was a T-shirt,” he explains. “We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into at the time,” he adds, referring to his partner and brother, David. “We just made printed T-shirts, which is really common today, but it wasn’t 37 years ago.”

Custo Line, which later became Custo Barcelona, turned out to be a tremendously innovative project that totally absorbed us, and 37 years have gone by. “We never stopped to think if we wanted to be fashion designers… It happened because it was a very powerful project, extremely fascinating and we’ve really enjoyed each year that’s passed.”

Custo Barcelona en Jameos del Agua

Custo, a project without borders.

The Custo brothers’ unquestionable creative ability wasn’t their only distinctive feature: they also possessed sharp business expertise to drive things forward and achieve international recognition.

When global audiences began to notice the striking designs worn by actors in well-known television series such as Friends, or Sex in the City, around 1997, the company had already been reaping its rewards for fourteen years. “The truth is that breaking into Hollywood gave us an incredible boost, a fantastic marketing opportunity,” affirms Custo.

Colour, the brand’s trademark.


Custo Barcelona LanzaroteIf the Custo brand has one distinctive feature, it’s colour. So it comes as no surprise that the designer is in love with the island and its light. “When we started in the eighties, fashion is really boring. There was no colour,” he explains. “it was difficult to get established, people thought we were weirdos, but we did it, and by using colour-inspired graphics in clothing.”

Spain, a very competitive country.

Fashion is a complex industry, as the Catalan designer knows very well. “It’s difficult to compete in Spain, even more so if we consider that the country has produced the world’s largest company, and its impact is enormous,” he points out. “Spain is a small country dominated by large corporations. Here, it’s hard to survive. ”The only way to complete is to do things that others don’t, and that’s what we have done.”

The Lanzarote Fashion Weekend

Custo assures us that the we’d have to go way back in time to trace the origins of the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend. “The idea arose a long time ago.” We recognise that fashion is not just about clothing collections, but also about the backdrop in which you present them,” he tells us. “We’ve been presenting all over the world for a long time, and we believe that the venue for your show is an important element at the time you show your collection.” I must say that I adore Lanzarote, it’s like a paradise to me, a secret to be discovered and a wonderful place... that’s why I presented this project to the Canarian government fifteen years ago, but the crisis got in the way and it came to nothing,” he reveals. “We tried again last year and thanks to the island’s actual government, the project has come to fruition and we’re very excited about it.”

Dalmau tells us a little more about the event: “We will show our collections in a fashion show at Jameos del Agua, some of which has been inspired by the island itself,” he points out, adding that the rest of the collection was presented in New York last month. “But the most important thing is the setting where it will take place: Jameos del Agua and the island itself. Journalists, designers, influencers, and people from the international fashion industry will come to the event, and can discover Lanzarote’s spectacular landscapes. The idea is to present it from a glamorous and unusual point of view.

Jameos del Agua, a unique place

On the subject of Jameos, he only has words of admiration. “I hadn’t visited Jameos for a very long time, and when I returned the other day I found it to be even more impressive than the first time. How many places like Lanzarote exist? I travelled all over the world, I’ve been everywhere and I’ve found very few places like the ones you find on this island,” he stressed. “I’m in love with this island. Not only have I spent summers in Famara, but also in La Graciosa Although I don’t want to rave too much about the island, as I don’t want everyone to know about it, so that it gets too full of people. I like it just the way it is. To wake up in the morning in Famara and see this landscape, walk along the cliffs, visit Mirador, Timanfaya... it’s just amazing,” and adds “I like everything, the lifestyle, the little villages, the food… I love to eat here.” If I could I would live here.”


Famara LanzaroteCusto is very optimistic about the future of the event. “We’ve taken the first step, but I think this initiative is going to last,” he assures us

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