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Canary Islands, Spain.

The world
of Custo

Custo Barcelona is a fashion brand with a strong personality, based on a blend of colour, graphics and fabrics. With every new season, the brand pushes the limits of creativity, developing collections with its own contemporary language.

The Dalmau brothers started the brand after they came across a myriad of artistic, cultural and philosophical expressions during a round the world motorbike trip. The surfer look of southern California, as well as the psychedelic style of the state’s northern region, inspired them to launch a graphic design project. Using t-shirts as a canvas, they created a style which was way ahead of its time.

Ongoing research into the use of colour and patterns eventually transformed into innovation, audacity and sophistication. Today, one can say that Custo Barcelona is a style unto itself, that conveys a specific way of looking at life.