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Designers belonging to
Lanzarote Moda

Oswaldo Machín, was born in the municipality of San Bartolomé in 1982, on the Canary Island of Lanzarote. From a very young age the world of fashion and image attracted him and that is why he decided, after finishing his high school studies, to go to the prestigious A Coruña school of design and pattern-making “Goymar”.


Oswaldo Machín tries to create a modern woman, arrogant, sensitive, convinced of her own dogmas, always with a strong chic and elegant touch, without renouncing the more artisan finishes and a traditional pattern, which is reinvented by applying it to new forms that the designer experiences.


The collection presented in the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend is entitled “Luxury Night” and is the new collection of bride and party for 2020 and will be marketed in September.

María Cao, started her first pinitos, since she was 5 years old, in Vallorbe where she was born and raised. In Lausanne, she trained as a fashion designer, Raffa. s.a. Haute Couture, and Ecole supérieure de commerce, 4 years.


María Cao, was International Design Award, GENEVA FASHION AWARD 2017 DUKASCOPY.


The collection presented in the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend is titled “GAIA” is a tribute to mother earth and its 4 elements. A fusion of cultures, a new beginning, which was born 26 years ago, from Lanzarote, from its deep energy and underwater caves.

Azu Vilas, “the wind hatbox”, the designer finds inspiration in every step she takes through the island of Lanzarote, fruit of the imprint left by the artist Cesar Manrique in many corners of the island.


Just as in the sunsets, the black volcanic earth and the colorful contrast of the sea with the orange mountains of the Island, the white of the houses with their green windows, color that Cesar Manrique chose to give sensation of nature and ecology fruit of the absence of vegetation in an almost deserted island.


Azu Vilas, presents a collection of very colourful headdresses in which metals, fabrics, stones and thermoplastics share the limelight with feathers, skins and natural fibres.


The collection presented in the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend is titled “Salitre al Viento”, in homage to the Lanzarote artist Cesar Manrique.

Margarita Pérez was born in Lanzarote, and her relationship with fashion began in childhood as her mother had a small sewing room, which she used since she was a child.

He studied artistic delineation and illustration at the Lanzarote School of Art, then studied industrial pattern-making and fashion design at the Goymar School in Madrid.

Margarita Pérez becomes a registered trademark as “margamod” setting up a workshop in Lanzarote, working on the island and attending national and international fairs.


I am currently working to raise awareness of sustainable fashion and the collections I make are about respect for the environment and the art of dressing.

MOSEGO is a company that was born in the island of Lanzarote in 2015 by the hand of the designer of Galician origin, Monica Serantes.


Monica has created a High Fashion Jewellery brand for a woman with her own style, far from the conventional and who seeks to differentiate herself.


Mosego stands out for its originality, the richness of its materials and the harmony with which it fuses colours and textures.


Soul, heart and passion form the perfect tandem to create the sophisticated pieces that characterize the firm.


Its short but intense trajectory positions it as an outstanding jewellery firm in the archipelago.

Designers belonging to
Lanzarote Emprende

Macaronesia is born on the shore of a beach in Lanzarote, where the Alisios ruffles you, the Sun tans you and the Atlantic refreshes you.

It is a brand inspired mainly by nature, is seduced by the waves of the sea, tropical flowers and everything related to what surrounds a life near the sea.

Macaronesia is not only the name of a swimwear brand, it represents an island way of life, surrounded by the sea, enjoying and respecting the nature that surrounds it.

I consider myself a dreamer, Canarian at heart and eager to share Macaronesia with the world to color their beach days.

Raquel Melián was born on the island of Lanzarote in 1986. It was first oriented towards the sciences but later turned towards the arts, enrolling in the artistic baccalaureate at the Escuela de Artes Pancho Lasso.

In 2008 she moved to Madrid to study Fashion Design at the Instituto Europeo di Design (IED Madrid), graduating in 2011.

In 2018 he decides to resume his French studies and travels to Paris to study at the Alliançe Française. This experience is decisive to begin to create (in the city of light, art, wine and of course fashion) his personal project of fashion, art and new femininity: MELIAN.

He is currently working hard on the creation of his brand, as well as doing work for advertising, theatre and publishing.

I am Ángel Cabrera, born on this impressive island. Since I was a child I have been marked by its colours and architecture, the games of recreation through the streets of the village, or the sounds of the splinters of the little devils are some of the first memories that come to my mind, sounds and sensations that I continue to perceive from my Gallery in the centre of the Villa de Teguise itself.

My contact with art came late and in a non-academic way from the hand of experimentation and sharing ways of doing things with other artists, who over time have become part of my artistic baggage, embodied both in watercolor, ceramics, and in the decoration of fabrics.

In the field of fashion, I paint a great variety of fabrics: silks, cold wools and velvets. I use specific dyes for each cloth, as well as the cochineal of Lanzarote, to capture the colors of this island and my personal universe.