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Fashion has evolved in time and labels are no longer going for traditional fashion shows, the big names are trying to stand out and they want their «shows» to have an impact on their audiences.


There are more and more fashion brands every year that outdo themselves every season, offering their very best with shows that are true «performances» with unique stages, either indoors in an emblematic building, or outdoors in unique surroundings, with live music or even music created especially for the event; surprises that have nothing to do with anything we’ve seen before. From unexpected models, to celebrities on the catwalk, or even shows that bear no resemblance with your usual fashion shows. Sometimes including acrobats, motorists, dogs, babies, etc.

Labels are not only about showing us their new designs anymore, they want us to live an experience creating and adapting the show to their designs and inspiration, to have an impact on those attending their fashion shows. Hence the increasing significance of venues where shows are being held, and it has become the main forte of fashion week shows.


The following are some examples of shows that have had the biggest impact throughout the years.



A pioneer of his time, he had everyone in awe in 2018 with a fashion show that had never been seen before, on the dunes of the Dunhuang Mountain, China.

*Show on the dunes in China by designer Pierre Cardin.




Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini, the perfect host and hostess for Fendi, they managed something never seen before, a show in the Great Wall of China, in Beijing.


Fendi Fashion Show, The Great Wall of China


In 2016, Fendi surprised everyone again with his fashion show at the Fontana di Trevi in Rome, with a clear catwalk on the fountain, so it looked as if the models were walking over the water.

Fontana di trevi Fashion Show



In the spring-summer season 2019, Saint Laurent did a fashion show at the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower Fashion Show, Paris



Karl Lagerfeld is a true expert in taking fashion shows to a whole new level. He doesn’t only transform a show, he turns it into a space the audience is transported to, the specific world his collection was inspired by. His latest shows are worthy of admiration.

A forest at the Grand Palais, 2018

Karl Lagerfeld fashion show in a forest. VANITY FAIR.


In 2019, Chanel turned the Paris Grand Palais again into a natural surroundings venue, this time it was a beach.

Grand Palais beach fashion show. VANITY FAIR.



Dior held a fashion show on a cruise ship in 2018 in the middle of the Calabasas Desert, California;  inspired by the wild west.

2018 Dior Cruise Ship show. VOGUE.




Custo Barcelona, fell in love with Lanzarote, its landscapes and the work of César de Manrique. Therefore, he decided to hold his 2019 collection show there, in a volcanic tube turned into an auditorium, a true performance including designs inspired by the island.





The Canarian Haute Couture brand held a show at the Botanic Gardens in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with live music by the Tenerife Miguel Jaubert Philharmonic Orchestra and a very pleasant surprise, lead singer Marta Sánchez.

Marco&María Fashion Show. Diario avisos. El español.



Because nature often has the best possible venues.

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