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Jon Kortajarena is in love with the Island of Lanzarote, and just like many other celebrities, he has chosen the Island as his favourite. Some celebrities have chosen Lanzarote for both spending their holidays and to turn it into their second home, whenever they need to get away and rest. The well-known model and actor (whom we have seen recently in “La verdad” TV series) spent his childhood in Lanzarote, and from then on, he stablished a significant bond with the Island. This connection was the reason why Jon Kortajarena came back to find his refuge. His chosen spot was Famara.

“Caleta de Famara” has one of the most striking beaches on the Island, it is several kilometres long and it gets to a hillside on a breathtaking cliff that goes by the same name, El Risco de Famara. Its sandy shades, dunes and scarce vegetation, turn this beach into a landscape unheard of.


 “A simple home, with imperfect cement and sand walls, a place with splendid views to the sea where you can get away from it all.” Jon Kortajarena.


“Casa Sua” (which means “fire” in Basque), is its name. Jon travels around the world all the time and he comes to the island to find the peace and quiet that is so hard to find elsewhere.

Following César Manrique’s footsteps, and with him in mind, Jon Kortajarena combines architecture and nature in his home in Lanzarote. He is committed to the environment and the volcanic ecosystem of the Island.



 “César Manrique’s legacy is highly meaningful on the Island, and we aimed to pay tribute to it. I believe his influence is clear in many aspects of this house” Jon Kortajarena.


His commitment and love for Lanzarote granted him the “2018 Lanzarote’s distinguished Tourism Award” last October, an award which recognised the dedication and support that Jon Kortajarena shows the Island. This way, he became one of Lanzarote’s best ambassadors.


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“There’s a part of me that has settled down here already. And the thing is that Lanzarote has a certain magic, it is poetry, however way you look at it”, Jon Kortajarena.

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