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Lanzarote is an inspiring island which captivates the fashion world, as we could see during the past edition of the «Lanzarote Fashion Week», where Custo Barcelona created a collection inspired by the Island. However, he is not the only one who has been seduced by the island. Lanzarote, has had an impact on the fashion world yet again, and has also been the inspiration of Parisian haute couture designer Julien Fournié. To celebrate a decade in the fashion world, he introduced his new collection during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, where he combined technology and fashion, showing us how Lanzarote inspired him. It all started after his previous collection, when Julien Fournié needed a break, and decided to get away to a quiet and idilic place where he could stay for a while and find inspiration again. It was then when he saw a magazine promoting the island so he decided to go there.

Julien Fournié was inspired by the tropics and the desert, the sirocco, the trade winds and the volcanic lichens. The shades of rocks and the soil were part of the colours used in his collection, as well as the green shades of the island’s vegetation, in contrast with the volcanic landscape.

Paris Fashion Weekend 2019

The S/S 2019 Collection, was inspired by Lanzarote and presented at the Paris Fashion Week.

César Manrique has also been a key inspiration for this work. His architectural style and the harmony and respect towards nature encouraged Fournie to use natural fabrics in his clothing exclusively. His creations inspire comfort, harmony and self-confidence.


 «The volcanic landscapes are represented in the fabrics used, aiming to copy the reflection of the light over the lava, the electric blue, the fuchsia flowers in a spring halter-neck dress, and cactus’ green shades used on full-length tight evening dresses with a satin finish.»

The shapes remind us of the 1950’s, inspired by the parties thrown at cave-houses by César Manrique and by classic Hollywood actor Omar Sharif. A combination of summer energy and elegance.

The collection clearly has a 1950’s style.


Technology has also been present in this collection, and all the designs were made with an iPad Pro and state-of-the-art software. In the collection he used a geometric picture of flowers and a cactus, made with the iPad.



«As soon as I came back from Lanzarote at the end of August, the collection was pretty much finished. It was so easy to lie down on a beach and just draw», he says.


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