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Canary Islands, Spain.

Lanzarote, the best natural catwalk in the world

Lanzarote, the best natural catwalk in the world

Now anchored for success, Lanzarote Fashion Weekend strides towards its second edition.

To envisage a place like Lanzarote, where beauty and design go hand in hand, as a backdrop for an extraordinary international fashion event, is to envisage a guaranteed success, as was the first edition of the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend.

The LZTFW is a weekend event that brings journalists and influencers to the island for an alternative fashion experience. The island’s spectacular nature and its sustainable values become intricately linked to a fashion brand who will present its latest designs. A weekend offering an out-of-the-ordinary approach with two key points to remember: Lanzarote and fashion


Lanzarote: a unique island


The success of the first edition was the result of a combination of whole host of variables, but the scenery was unquestionably among the key elements.

And the fact is that Lanzarote, an island of only 800 square kilometres declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1993, stands out for the diversity of its landscapes. The volcanic eruptions of the 18th and 19th century have added a spectacular look to a land where extraordinary landscapes formed by volcanic caves, lava lakes and craters coexist with golden sandy beaches, blue skies and crystal-clear waters.

The incredible journey through Timanfaya National Park, a magnificent series of volcanic, moon-like landscapes, is no less magnificent than the other tourist centres created by the Lanzarote artist, Cesar Manrique. Castillo San José, Cueva de los Verdes, Mirador del Rio.


Jameos del Agua, nature at its purest.

Indeed one of these centres, Jameos del Agua, is the chosen venue for the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend. Manrique envisioned a unique space inside this volcanic tube, once a channel for the flow of lava from La Corona volcano, in the north of the island. He combined the black of the basalt rock, the white of his structures, the blue and the green, to create a place of extraordinary beauty.

The auditorium takes pride of place, for its globally unique geological characteristics and acoustic conditions.

Jameos del Agua is a unique venue where the fusion of nature and architecture delight anyone who visits. The best place in the world to present a fashion collection. An exclusive catwalk that LZTFW participants could never forget.


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