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Canary Islands, Spain.

María Cao

María Cao is in essence a natural woman, lively and creative. She is wrapped up by a spiritual halo. She transmits transparence and glamour”

Since she was a young girl, at the age of five, she showed an inclination towards the field of designing.

It was in Vallorbe, Switzerland , where she was born and grew up. In Lausanne, she trained professionally as fashion designer for four years with Raffa.S.A , Haute Couture and the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce.

She has worked as freelance for several firms as Antonio Alvarado, Nacho Ruiz, Induyco, Rodier Emporio Armani ,Byblos, etc.

Internacional design award, GENEVA FASHION AWARD 2017 DUKASCOPY

Her passion for surf brought her to Lanzarote and it was on that island where she started to shape her inner creative stream. All her garments are confectioned in her Atelier in Teguise. They are made in a handicrafted way.

All of them are unique and exclusive items. She also has her own special line for more commercial products, good basics of impeccable cut and delicate manufacture.

The use of vegetable dies, watercolours get integrated to perfection in unusual patchworks with hemp, linen, vegetable threads, silk and cool wool, all of them in symbiosis with neoprenes, coined items, nappa and suede.

“Shells ,bones, recover life as applets, buttons, buds…the special ‘Cao Touch’, ‘Boho Chic’, ‘Glamour& Beauty’.”

Her clothes for “Femme” seduce and win your heart. They are suggestive and at the same time simple and elegant.

This creative fashion designer knows how to enhance the attributes of each of us outlining the inner essence of each individual, paying special attention to the Finishing Touch of each item.

For ” L’Homme” her proposal is : Good Basics but with a different and original touch. “Un Lo Quiero” – trousers suits which shape the body to perfection and beautify it. Renovated and innovative Classic like her Comics and Mapamundi jackets.

In her Atelier María Cao advises you about aspects that suits you best… colour, shapes, styles to get the maximum out of you, enhancing your style up to the Final Touch.