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Canary Islands, Spain.

Oswaldo Machín

Oswaldo Machín was born in San Bartolomé, Lanzarote in 1982. From a very young age, he decided that he wanted to be a part of the fashion world. After finalising his last school year, he left his home town to enrol the prestigious school of fashion and design, “Goymar”.

Once he finished his studies in fashion coordinating, industrial pattern making and fashion psychology, the designer moved to Benavente, Zamora and started working for the design department of Creaciones Nalia.

In 2007 and relocated in Madrid, the brand Deuralde Novias hired him as their artistic director. Machín soon began to lead the creative and technical team, making a name for himself and getting the brand to acquire 20 sales locations on their first campaign.

Two years later, in 2009, the designer decided to create his own brand, gradually consolidating his position in the industry. In October of the same year, his career took a new turn when he won the title of Jóvenes Diseñadores de Moda in the Canary Islands. Machín soon attends the SIIM Annual Meeting in Ego Cibeles, held in Madrid. Also, the designer runs an Atelier/Showroom where he gets the opportunity to gain popularity while getting to dress different celebrities such as Malú, Vanessa Romero or Ruth Lorenzo.

In 2012, he gets the chance to run a new Atelier/Showroom, now in Lanzarote. His birth place is the location the designer chose to create, tailor, distribute his collections and meet his brides.

A year later, in 2013, his business expansion begins with the launch of his First Communion Collection for 2019 in stores and boutiques in the Canary Islands, mainland Spain and Italy.

Oswaldo Machín tries to balance between a modern, pretentious, sensitive, confident woman, adding a strong, chic touch and elegance. Without giving up on traditional patterns and finishing, the designer reinvents himself and his creations.

The designer reveals his newest work at Lanzarote Fashion Weekend, titled “Luxury Night”, which is a bride and a cocktail dresses’ collection for 2020 and will be placed on the market in September. This one is inspired on the feminine silhouette, highlighting and beautifying the bride with simple and minimalist lines. The fabric used to create the dresses gives the collection an extra touch of luxury due to its quality. With Chantilly embroidered lace, 3D embroidered tulle, natural silk gauze and organza and gazar, Luxury Night is anything but the brand’s image: pure luxury with a range of black and bougainvillea for the evening wear and off-white for the bride.