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Lanzarote is getting ready for the event of the year, the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend, and not only from a fashion and design perspective, turning Lanzarote into a fashion hub on 12th May, but also as an innovative project.

The aim of the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend goes beyond being a traditional event, it’s a ground-breaking project. The event will be streamed so anyone who cannot attend will be able to watch it; robots and even intelligent lighting, will make this project stand out, a truly innovative event.



The Lanzarote Fashion Weekend goes beyond the boundaries of fashion, and it will be the setting of the first cognitive event where customisation is done with artificial intelligence. Using technology, the event will use lighting to customise, changing colours depending on the feelings analysed.

The first thing is to have a Twitter account, if you don’t have one, we recommend you get one in order to be able to take part, it will be worth it. On the #lztfw2018 hashtag, attendees can write whatever they want: whether they’re having a good time, if they like the food, the clothes, the music. That information will then be analysed and depending on the feelings of most people assessed by the artificial intelligence, the lighting in Jameos del Agua, at the pool area and in the night club, will change colours. In doing so, the organisation behind the event can be aware of whether attendees are having a good time or not.

The event includes a fashion show, a cognitive dinner and a party with a DJ in the volcanic cave in Jameos del Agua.



As soon as guests get to Jameos del Agua, a surprise awaits all of them: Taro will welcome everyone and they can get their picture taken, which Taro will then Tweet and send you by e-mail.

The event will continue on with a fashion show at the Jameos del Agua Auditorium, to present the latest Custo Barcelona collection, including some designs inspired by Lanzarote. Whether users are at the event or whether they’re streaming it, they will be able to give their opinion regarding the corresponding designs and ideas.



The event will continue around the pool designed by César Manrique, where guests can try the menu based on their very own food taste. “The idea is to adapt to what our guests prefer as much as possible, offering them an trendy menu using local produce”, said Chef Alberto Nieto. “In order to do so, we combined technological innovation with gastronomy. Getting to know our guests in advance gives us the chance to be able to adapt the menu to their likes, and that’s what we expect to achieve with this menu. Thanks to technology, we have gathered a large range of produce and ingredients our guests like. Based on those choices, we have put together a menu using technology to create 3 out of the 7 recipes for the dishes part of our menu.”


Nieto explains that in order to do so “guests have chatted to Taro, the Lanzarote Fashion  Weekend virtual assistant, who asked them about the kind of food they’d like to have during the event. National and international options have been given to them, as well as local cuisine”, he explained. “Once the data has been gathered, we analysed the results and reached conclusions, and, using local produce, we put a menu together, using technology to create 3 recipes. One of them was successfully tested on Father’s Day in Monumento.”


Once again, guests can tweet their opinions about the food, and the lighting will show whether the opinions have been positive or whether they haven’t been so good.




The event will come to an end with a DJ Session on the inside of the lava tube, with renowned DJs and music chosen for the event with Nacho Larache, Pascal Moscheni and Javier San Juan, Aka Mr.Paradise.

They’re all experienced DJs, Nacho Larache is the most experienced one of the three of them, Cult Dj, behind some of the most interesting projects taking place in Madrid, like the late Chango and the Blue Light in the Basement parties in Café Berlín. An advocate for good music, on the Radios, in compilations, clubs, festivals and plenty of exclusive events, working also in fashion for designer Miguel Palacio, in charge of picking the music for his fashion shows. Also, working for private events organised by celebrities such as Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Carolina Herrera and many other brand names throughout his career, like Hugo Boss, BMW, Sotheby’s, Carhartt, Diesel, Jaguar, Canal Plus, Grupo Prisa and Expedia, among others. He’s currently a member and resident DJ at the popular Club Madrileño, and he’s the artistic director at the Jameos Music Festival.

Pascal Moscheni, Dj and music producer, lives in Madrid but he was born in New Zealand. His mum is French and his dad Argentinian. Since he was little he’s lived between Europe and America. He studied Fashion Design and worked for several seasons for Neil Barrett in Milan, but his true passion has always been music. From his production company he leads several projects using his creativity and multicultural background. Just like Pascal Moscheni, he’s a regular DJ at the coolest events at international fashion capitals.

Pascal also makes his own music for shows, campaigns, videos and stores, collaborating with renowned brands such as Acne, ZZegna, Dior, Cartier, Marc Jacobs, W magazine, Vivetta, Kartell and Mang, among others. His connection with the world of fashion and other creative areas have turned him into a role model within the sector.

Mr. Paradise is a rara avis, he feels more like a music selector and sound ambiance creator than a Dj in itself. More than 20 years adding music to events, festivals and band after shows, an ongoing musical eclecticism, that has led him to work in cities such as Jerusalem, Berlin, London, Madeira, Lisbon, Tel Aviv and London.

He’s an enthusiast of Lanzarote, and he lived there for more than 20 years, he’s been partly responsible for very interesting projects on the island like the Festival Costa de Músicas, La discoteca Rumm, the short-lived but legendary Paraiso76, Café del Mar Lanzarote and currently Jameos Music Festival. His endless passion for music has resulted in him sharing the stage with artists such as Raimundo Amador, Zenet, Sara Pi, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, De la fe y las flores azules ,Omar Souleyman, Pinkertones, Bomba Estereo, Nickodemus, Sargento García, John Morales, Cycle, General Levy, Calle 13, La Yegros, Molotov, Kevin Yost, John Morales and Morodo, among others. Open music and an empathy with the audience that mark his style on clubs, festivals and events (for brands as well-known as Hugo Boss, Mazda, Mitsubitshi, Cervezas Alhambra and Mahou among others). He currently works as a resident Dj at the Nubel in Museo Reina Sofía and he does sessions in venues such as Me Madrid and Sala Siroco.




Javier San Juan himself talks about the music suggested. “We have put this music together keeping in mind our respect for the venue. Last year I had the great chance to lock myself in there with the record collection (some of the albums were purchased by Manrique himself), and what happened there I think it’s what will be the live motive of the session”, explained the Dj. “We’ll dance to the beats of the venue, that used to be a dance floor, where orchestra classics were played, like Glenn Miller, New Age, symphonic rock and a lot of soul and disco. Open classy music for an international event, chic and yet cool.”


“We’ll get started at the pool, with medium tempo sounds that we hope everyone will enjoy. We don’t intend it to be the usual chill out, we aim this event to have its very own identity, from obscure classics to new sounds. Rare groove, disco, soul, bossa and reworks of well-known tunes overall. I insist: a significant number of the tunes played are part of the collection of the centre.”




“From there we’ll move on to the cave where there will an open plan layout but with a dance floor in mind, with music for everyone, but steering away from being commercial, as a classy event like this requires”, San Juan explained. “This session will be led by Dj from New Zealand Pascal Moscheni, with plenty of experience in similar events around the main fashion cities in the world.”


With these ingredients the success is assured. “Bringing together a fashion guru like Custo, an international brand, and technology with the unique beauty of Lanzarote, it’s an event in itself”, he said. We intend for the music to be at the standard of the event, from beginning to end. We want everyone to have a good time, but also for everything to make sense, for music to touch everyone, classy and cool music but yet with the non-conformist and universal essence of the venue created by the magnificent Manrique”.


In fact, technology will also play its part at the dance floor, since it will be there where the colours related to feelings will be shown. “And if you’re not having a good time, who knows, we might change the Dj straight away. Has it ever happened that a Dj has ruined a moment for you. Well, here you have the chance to tell him so, tweeting the #lztfw2018 hashtag and find out whether everyone else agrees with you”, said the organisers.

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